How do I get this guy to see were meant to be together?

I've known this guy for a really long time. We actually met by accident when were both on blind dates for a party. We mistaken each other for are real dates at first. We instantly got on. But then we realised the mistake we'd made and we went back are original dates. My date turned out to a massive creep and forced himself on me.

This guy saw what was happening and came to rescue me. He texted me the next day to see if i was okay and we became really good friends but I've always liked him as more than a friend but he was always dating other girls.

We did eventually date for a short while but then he moved away after his parents divorce to live with his grandparents. He eventually came back but we both thought each other was being ghosted because my friend who liked him blocked his number on my phone without me knowing. To my surprise this friend was also dating him when he came back home.

We had a big fight and decided to just be friends. Now he's dating my step stister but i still really love him. he's so thoughtful, sweet, caring and understanding. He's always there when i need him even when i don't ask him to be. He tells me be cares about me and that im very special to him and is extremely protective of me. For example i was planning on losing my virginity to this guy i found was just using me and my friend chased everywhere around the city to find me to stop me from doing what i was planning.

He's always saving me yet he says we should just be friends. I know were meant to be. We are so good together it's just others getting in the way messing things up. I kissed him on his birthday and he got really mad at me but he didn't push me off him and didn't seem as if he didn't enjoy it. My step stister doesn't deserve him. She cheats on every boyfriend she's had and has a drug and alcohol addiction what she hides behind her nice girl act. She'll just do the same to him and has already came close to cheating with his married cousin.
How do I get this guy to see were meant to be together?
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