Friends or more?

There's a guy I've known for about 3 years, we've been good friends throughout and about 2 years ago we really liked each other and saw each other a few times but then because of distance and exams we decided to stay friends but even though we were friends every now & then when he was drunk he would say he misses me & wants to hug me. I've been seeing him every week for the last month as he asks to study together even though we go to different unis and study different things he still asks to meet to study together, he'll hug me
About 2 mnths ago we were talking about how we both didn't want a relationship for a while because he had been hurt but last night he said he had just gotten over it & wants to let it naturally happen again
Has he gotten over her because he's starting to have feelings for me again or are we just friends
He likes to ft to study together when we're both at home a few times a week. When we go uni & study together after a bit we'll get food, he always pays for me & shares his food and drinks with me, feeds me off his fork and doesn't mind us sharing the same can.
Last time we studied together we were on the sofas, he linked our arms so I was hugging his arm and resting on his shoulder, every now and then he would rest his head on mine, put his hand on my thigh. But when we talk he sometimes replies to me quick but sometimes doesn't for a few hours even when he's online. I understand him being busy and don't expect him to be text me but we usually talk on sc & sometimes when he's out he'll text me because he replies more on text when he's out but then sometimes when he's just at home he won't reply to my sc. I don't know if this is because he's not sure about me or if he wants to take it slow
He does always make sure he sits right next to me when we're together, never opposite me, the first time I saw him after the 2 years I did sit opposite him & he later messaged asking why I didn't sit next to him and hug him much
Friends or more?
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