Would you consider this him using you for sex?

he will call me and talk to me for hours on the phone when we are able to talk on the phone the longest conversation we had was 6 hours and we were talking about anything and everything but after we spent the night together and we. had sex he told me he was gonna call me or message me by this day but he doesn’t and then I don’t hear from him again for weeks sometimes a month or more Like
he’ll act like he cares and he recently apologised to me for his shitty behaviour which he has never done before so I assumed that things were gonna change

But once again after we hooked up he tells me he will call me by Sunday but Sunday comes and goes and he hasn’t contacted me I’ve known this guy for 6 years so it’s not like it’s just some random guy doing this but would you consider this him using me or is this my fault
1 y
Sorry I just realised this doesn’t make much sense basically he acts all sweet and caring but then the moment we have sex he ignores me and he doesn’t keep his word when he says he will contact me and before I know it weeks sometimes a month or more has passed and he is talking to me and we once again have sex and then the same thing happens again where he will day he will contact me but he doesn’t instead he will ignore me

No he doesn’t have a girlfriend and I don’t think he would be stupid
1 y
Enough to make me the other woman because he knows I wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone when they are being cheated on
Would you consider this him using you for sex?
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