Why does he look at me more now?

So I like this guy at work and I told him I liked him. He didn't give me an answer as to if he likes me or not, so I took that as rejection. Before I told him I liked him, he used to be extremely touchy feely and flirty and he would look at me a lot, but he toned down a bit since then

Anyway, I'm trying to get over him and there's this guy at work I talk to and have sex with now. Every time he comes over to me the guy always stares at us talking. He even stares at me even more, so much so the guy I'm having sex with noticed. I'm shy at work so I don't talk to much people, but even so what's with the staring? It's so bad I can feel it

What's going on?
Why does he look at me more now?
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