He invited me to his house and didn't have sex with me?

Well, this is a strange case... I met this guy through Tinder and after some time we had a meeting in his house. I didn't aim at creating something deep because I was in a tough LDR some months ago and it still hurt me, but after several months I just wanted to have some fun and sex. He had cooked for me, which I found too much, and the conversation was nice, we could touch different meaningful topics, he opened up about his past relationships and started asking more about me and my last relationship (I don't like to share intimate details on the first meeting, so I kind of tried dodging the topic and changing them into something funnier). So, we were in bed kissing, touching each other and starting to have some sexual prelude, when he suddenly took his phone and told me he had a meeting with friends now. He stood up to get prepared, and he was constantly asking me: what are you thinking? And I was: nothing. And then he asked the same question like 3 times. This was the strangest thing that ever happened to me because no guy ever rejected me in bed. He told me his girlfriends were always very young (he was 30 ish and dated girls or 20 more or less). So... What the fuck happened here?

PD: I was shaved, smelling good... Wtf 😰
He invited me to his house and didn't have sex with me?
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