How do I ask a guy friend if he feels anything towards me without being weird?

So When he left he drunk called me and asked me to come over. there were other people too so i wasn't being set up or anything.

his excuse was that we could hang out before he left.

so we hung out and talked and nothing really happened.. you know.. friends..

he would always ask about the guys in my life or if i was talking to anyone or the past guy i used to like.

he even mentioned he broke it off with some gurl he was talking to.

that night we fell asleep and kissed me. it was cute how he asked if it was okay or if it’ll be awkward.

he's not the type to kiss his friends. i remember once he said he would never date his friends because firends are friends.

we had hooked up a year ago but we werent friends.. just coworkers. we didn't do it again do to the fact that it was awkward if we did bc we got close as friends.

but this time around i would go out to eat with him.. talk to him for hours... like FRIENDS! we would talk about family and stuff... it was nice.

that make out session/ sex (kind of) was really nice.

its been to months and he's still not back and I don't know if he will be he won't tell me.


how do i mention it to him? or ask him? without being weird?
1 y
or was it just a one time thing? ever since June he would constantly ask about other guys. this one time he was like “so many guys wow” and i was like “eeh” and he was like “well i can like a girls at the same time too” and i just smiled. I don't know what that meant.

it was
1 y
it was nice going out with him they felt like dates. im
also very goofy with him. like i can be myself... i can poke his nose.. scream in his face.
we’re really close. but yeah.

he doesn't really reach out but when he does its memes we used to laugh about. he won't tell. me if he's gonna come back tho.. I don't know why?
How do I ask a guy friend if he feels anything towards me without being weird?
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