Why did it embarrass me all this time later?

So there was this very popular guy from my high school. He and my cousin were in the same class and I used to visit the class on my breaks. Now I had a crush on this popular guys friend but now I’m getting information that the popular guy told the class that I wanted him so bad. It was embarrassing to me. I feel so embarrassed and I wounded if he even told his friends that I wanted him. I have graduated now and am a freshman in college but to think about it makes me so depressed and worthless. I felt like he was telling saying I was a loser or something. I definitely didn’t want him how he thought I did. But I did want his friend and I was going to tell his friend how I felt but not I’m embarrassed. What if he thinks I’m a loser too. How do I stop feeling like this?
Why did it embarrass me all this time later?
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