Red flags to look our for when talking to a new guy online?

i added this guy on snapchat because it said we have mutual friends but i have never met him in person. he seems like a nice guy but i really don't want to get played.

here's context:
I've noticed the fuck boys either right away go into asking you for sex the first time they talk to you or they make really bad small talk that shows they're not actually interested in you. this guy just asked if he knew me because i looked familiar and when i said i added him because of mutual friends he mentioned a few names and asked if it was through them, and when i said no he just said okay and ended the conversation. so he did start a conversation with me right away, but it seemed more out of sincere interest then trying to see if i would fuck him. a couple days later he sent me a picture of him cading, so i asked about it because i was genuinely interested, and then we made small talk then yesterday we started talking a lot more. we went from talking about that topic to a bunch of other stuff and ended up having an actual conversation where we were talking back and forth.

however, there were a few things that caught my interest and i don't know if they are red flags or not:
he is a freshman in college and i am a senior at the high school he graduated from, and he asked if i wanted to meet up with him when he goes back for break. i was kind of shocked he was so upfront even though this is the first time we had really ever talked. he was definitely being very flirty like saying he wants to get to know me more and before he went to sleep he was like it was nice talking to a genuine person this day thanks. i don't know if this kind of stuff is normal or fuck boy behavior. i've never had a guy say this stuff to me and i don't know if i should be careful or not. it feels weird he's being so straightforward about this stuff and we barely know each other and im worried he's just using this as a ploy to fuck me over break. but at the same time he seemed like a really nice person.
1 y
he has has a really low snapscore meaning he barely talks to anyone and i couldnt find him on any social media
Red flags to look our for when talking to a new guy online?
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