Is he just playing with me?

My friend invited me to hang out with his group of people where is this guy who seems to acts differently torwards me than other guys in group. He is really talkative and outgoing guy, and can talk to all people in group except me. Since I met him he's staring and always find a way to stand really close to me. At first we didn't talk at all and It was really awkward between us, but with his best friend I could talk with no problem. After month and a half I met him and his best friend and they ignored me, so I sent message to his besty and they were really sorry - after that he changed - started to come really close and talk to me, lock eyes with me and tease me. He's always jumpy and sometimes, he would be so embarassed when he would do something unusual. I know he googled me. We talk in group chat and sometimes is really flirty and hearts and stuff, but we don't text each other. Last week he said something sweet and my friend told like "he's such a good friend to you" and it become really awkward. After that it was normal again, but today I was going home and were passing by his best friends home (they were at his place) and sent them message if they wanna hang out. He replied to me that they are lazy and that they don't want to hang out.

When we are in group I really have feeling that he likes me, but then we've never hang alone, never text or call... he never made really some move to ask me out or anything. Is he just playing with me?
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Is he just playing with me?
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