When guys say “she’s not the hottest”?

So I work at events full of very well off old monied people they’re always so polite and nice however they’re very very loud and don’t know how to whisper when talking about people. I like working the events in general and according to the co workers and managers the men there are quiet fond of me.
We over heard of the guest talking about me like a bunch of school boys what I heard was “she’s very beautiful” I’d give her this and that” apparently they weren’t the only ones who took notice of me because another guy cane and said “why are all the men talking about this girl so much she’s not the best thing” then the others said nobody said that.

And it was quiet strange.

Then at another event the same thing happened but the men were applauding another guy for walking up to me since some of the men there were afraid one guy had to ask my coworker get my number for me. So as they were applauding the other guy talking about how “hot” I was the other days “she’s not the top though” and they all sort of echoed along. But literally nobody said that so why do they need to bring up and state that I’m “not the hottest” like I don’t disagree with them but it’s just weird to me. Why do mend do this?
When guys say “she’s not the hottest”?
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