If you read this personal problem of a guy on social media, What would you think of the guy?

There is this 53 yrd old guy who had been divorced for some years now. He has 2 almost adult kids but they dont live with them. This guy is not dating, has no girlfriend or even hanging out with friends. He lives by himself. He says that he does not need women anymore he was very dissapointed in his life and he does not want to go through that kind of drama and problems anymore, so he does nto like anymore something formal or committed to any woman. He believes most women are the same like his ex so he generalize most women are like that, just few exceptions. SO he is a very lets say isolated guy, he does not even hang out with guy friends to have drinks or things like that. He prefers to be always at home enjoying relaxed and peaceful times or hang out with his kids that is all. Although he sometimes have said he does not mind booty calls, but thatis it. He is crazy!! But also he does not even have booty calls often either.

But since he was dissapointed in his past he uses social media to let people know why he is the way he is in a indrect text messages on social mediai by constantly posting messages of dissapointment, unrequired love and that falling in love isucks etc etc. He post that only for people in particular he wants to see his messages But even if his messages are aimed to a certain people, still I dont see a reason to vent your personal problems to that particular group of people, the result is the same posting personal issues to public people even people you know.

So this guy wrote a message on his Whatassp app about dissapointment and he wrote this:

"You have to take a decision for your own life. You can't be caged anymore to someone who does not love you. I chose to end up alone because with the person I was with did not love me. Did not take care of me, did not value me. That person only took advantage of me fiinancially. Now Im alone but at least Im not being abused because I now how much I worth it...
1 y
For someone who is out there and some day will show up and make me happy the way I deserve it... And if that person do not show up, well I will be happy and alone without wasting my life, my money and my time to someone who is not worth it"

This text was written by this guy I mention. Does he need some therapy you believe? Do you think necessary to post that aimed to a certain group of friends on social media. Or he is just seeking attention from people he knows and he is playing victim.
If you read this personal problem of a guy on social media, What would you think of the guy?
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