Guys, why hasn't he asked?

I've been texting this guy for a few months, I hadn't told him I liked him (Myself) but he found out through a friend of mine. And we were flirting (still are).

She tried asking him how he felt about the situation but he kept on avoiding answering, even said he'd block her if she carried on asking. I didn't know that she asked, but I told her to stop once she told me.

My question is, is why he hasn't mentioned anything. We've obviously been talking and flirting for a while. Is it that he would rather it come from me?

Another thing too, we haven't established if we're anything, like friends with benefits, dating, etc. That never has come up in our conversations, but it's clear that we both like each other. I'm just not sure how much he likes me.

is he just flirting for the fun of it, is he too scared to ask, or waiting for me?

(we have met in person, we flirted and hung out but that's all)
Guys, why hasn't he asked?
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