Why didn’t he ever stay with me?

I met this guy twice we’ve been talking for a year and he lives far from me so I went to his hometown and we met. Went out on a date and everything was there chemistry and loads of sexual tension! Before we met we use to text a lot and things started getting sexual on text to the point we sexted and had a strong desire to have sex with each other. So of course when we met sexual tension was crazy. The end of the date we had sex. He stared at me the whole time and couldn’t stop touching me. So he went home saying his gonna get his laptop to watch a movie and have a shower as he had no clothes here and how he’s sister needed her car fix he kept on saying how he’ll come back and kissed me and said not to fall asleep he’s coming. So I waited for him and he text me “sorry won’t be long just arguing with my sis.” And I said “it’s okay take ur time.” And after that I heard nothing back next morning he text me how he’s really sorry he took a shower and fell asleep and I was mad. So next time I had plans to come over and he seemed excited to meet me again and told me to come quicker and how this time he’ll stay with me the whole night and how we'll spend the whole day together. So the day came when I went again we were constantly texting each other about how we couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other. He was at work while I was coming down he did say how he wishes he didn’t have work so we could of spent the whole day together. He said he finishes work at 10pm but had to extend to drop off a worker home. I waited and by the time he cane it was 1 and we had lots of sex and cuddled then showered. He then had to go and promised me how he’ll stay with me tomorrow as he had work the next morning and he had nothing on him. So before he went kissed and hugged me. Next day he texted his coming never heard anything from him. I called him out on his bs he unfollowed me. Then I find out all this time he had a girlfriend!! So he lied about being single too.
Why didn’t he ever stay with me?
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