Jealous and possesive guy friend?

I reached out to an old friend of mine. I wanted to catch up and he started putting pressure on me. From day one I could sense that he is interested. I wanted to spend some time with him so we were calling all night. He asked about my past relationships and I'm a very innocent type of girl, I don't do hookups drugs or stuff like that. He told me that it was a surprise to him cuz most girls nowadays are "ruined". And he told me about his, that two of his ex-gfs cheated on him. And he is 25 and his last girlfriend was 15, he said that he likes the innocence of younger girls. All of his ex-gfs broke up with him, so did the 15 y. o. but she didn't say a proper reason why, she sent him one text that she wants to break up with him and that was it. And he also stalked my FB friends. When we did talk all night he was happy about that because I wasn't spending time with anyone else. He said that he wants to spend time with his partner 24/7 and that he wouldn't give attention to his other friends. He also gets very jealous when a girl has male friends, that then for the guys it's a bigger challenge to steal the girl. Or that when a girl goes out with friends for a drink then it means that she is gonna cheat. Or he used to show to his girlfriend the convos he had with people. And that he finds this protective behaviour "cute", if a girl would stalk his current location and would get extremely jealous then to him it's a sign of care. And I told him that he needs to change this, that it's bad and he said that it's just the way he is, that he needs to find a girl that is just like him. He also can't be friends with a girl that is taken or a platonic friend with a girl. And last night I told him that our relationship wouldn't work because of his jealousy and since then he doesn't lead the convo anymore, so I think he lost interest. And I care about him, I wanna help him somehow but I think that would be possible only if I'd be his girlfriend and it makes me sad
Jealous and possesive guy friend?
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