Guys!! guys was he mocking me?

I've been talking to this guy for a few months, planned on meeting up etc.
Only yesterday he had a change of tune when he texted me.
I opened it (keep in mind we haven't spoken for a week and the last conversation was about his work)

Anyway it read "you virgin"
to which I replied "why do you say that?"
Him: "bet you've never been fucked by anyone x"
so I automatically think somethings off because he's never been this type of guy, so I tell him I'm busy atm, but he continued to send texts in the same tone.
he replied with "what you scared to tell that your a virgin lol"
so I just told him it was non of his business and left the conversation, he's been online all day and has ignored it.
Why would he send that when it's completely out of the blue and character for him?
What would you suggest I do/say if he asks again.
Guys!! guys was he mocking me?
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