Should I just leave it be?

Someone who I have been talking to on social media seemed like a genuine person at first and I assumed since he was older (39) he has more decency and respect but I was in the wrong. We have spoke on FaceTime and on the phone, and today was his birthday he asked me to send him pictures which I did (just for the fun of it) and then he asked for pics and videos of me showing my face (I told him no). Out of no where he blocked me on Instagram and when I text him why his response was “I didn’t block you my IG is acting up” and him and I both know that’s a lie he blocked me on purpose even on Facebook. I just feel betrayed we have talked many times and I’ve sent him pictures before, and he knows I have depression so I assumed he was a good person to talk to when we did talk but I feel bad that he blocked me when he’s more than old enough that we could have talked whatever the problem is out. Could it possibly be because I didn’t include my face in the videos and pictures, which thankfully I didn’t because if he was quick to block me he probably would have shown his whole friends list, I’m just confused that a man who is literally pushing 40 is acting like an 18 year.
Should I just leave it be?
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