How to get a guys attention?

So, quick story, there's a guy I like, but I don't think he's attracted to me in like... the same way? I just, my heart beats a lot when I'm near him and I just always want to message or call him, but he never really likes messaging me either. I was with a friend and I was waiting for his response one and my friend messaged him something random and got a quick response. I know he's not like a virgin or whatever, and ik that he probably doesn't want to date a virgin, like myself, but I'm just trying to get his attention and like I feel like he's ignoring me or only responding to me to be nice or I don't know. I feel just so saddened always and literally all I could ask for for Christmas is for a call with him that doesn't end in under 5 minutes.

Alright, sorry. Just guys, what am I supposed to do? Should I just keep trying? I never liked a guy like in real life before.
How to get a guys attention?
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