Why do men like to spoil women?

I've noticed a lot of men seem to think it's normal when out with females to buy their drinks or even dinner at times. It doesn't have to even be on a date just in a group of friends or something. The man could even be married or have a girlfriend but if he's out with females they insist on paying even if there's no sexual motives there.

I don't know if this is a cultural thing or a gentleman thing but a lot of my old male colleagues would do this especially if we'd do pub after work. I was always careful with my drink by the way too so their was no dodgy stuff going off.

Whenever my boyfriends doing well at work, he always wants to take me out and pay for dinner. He even said he wanted to take me to a michelin star restaurant as a treat one day. He also goes way over budget on me on Christmas and birthdays.

I get im his girlfriend and he clearly loves me and wants to make me feel special but he doesn't need to do that by spoiling me. Im just as happy with a snuggle on the sofa. I can't afford to be spoiling him the way he spoils me and for along time we weren't having "you know what" 😉 so i don't see it as anything beneficial to him only him getting to see me happy and he already does that just by being loving and caring with me.
Why do men like to spoil women?
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