Is my boyfriend objectively an asshole?

I can't tell if I'm being too sensitive. He loves to argue and debate with me on things and in general he is pretty harsh and judgmental. He tends to judge anyone who isn't exactly like him and thinks they're weird. He nitpicks and teases me a lot, but he says he is joking. He believes that people are too politically correct these days and he hates it. He likes verbally assaulting people in his videogames. Twice he's made jokes about beating me, but of course he apologized when he saw how upset I was. He also uses racist and homophobic slurs. Not to me or the public, but to his friends and in his video games. Is this just how guys are? Do I just have to tolerate it?
In his defence, he is attentive to me and always tries to stop doing things that upset me. I've also been with guys who are much more sensitive and I simply cannot tolerate them. My boyfriend is able to handle my moodiness much easier, and doesn't play the victim. So I think maybe I should give my current boyfriend more of a chance?
Is my boyfriend objectively an asshole?
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