Have I found a good man?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year, and we are moving together in January.

My boyfriend tells me he loves and misses me every day. He tells me all the time that I am beautiful. After a few months of dating he said to me "I promise I will marry you some day". He also wants kids in the future when we both are ready.

He went back to school because he looked up to me for pursuing my dreams, and he is working hard. He is intelligent and funny and we both play video games together.

He calls me in the morning, texts back fast and we talk every single day for hours. He respects my friends, doesn't get jealous for no reason and is patient with me when I'm being ridiculous. He always includes me to chats with his friends and we all play together. He apologizes first most of the times, recognizes his imperfections and ALWAYS betters himself when I tell him I didn't appreciate something.

He is truly incredible and I think I found the one I want, even though Im only 19. He is 24.
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Have I found a good man?
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