Guy‘s behavior: He‘s not texting back for two weeks?

I’ve told him that I don’t date guys who have Instagram, because to me that’s so superficial and a platform only for dumb and immature people (he’s 29). I also told him texting me besides his girlfriend is no longer okay with me, because he’s in a relationship with a girl since 9 years now. I know him since 11 years now, we started out as „online friends”, but at first he wanted to date me, but I didn’t, because I was in a relationship back then (I was constantly cheated on and treated no good in this relationship, so that’s the reason why I felt it was ok to text him – he was single). Since 2-3 years he sends me sexual stuff or texts that always say „so that you know what great things are waiting for you then“ or „you have to show me then“ or asking me about kids and plans for the future, certain views about relationship stuff or how I want a man to be/look like. Why does he do that, but stays in a relationship with her? Or what does he want from me and why does he text me and act the way he does? I can’t read his mind... and I was thinking now that he has Instagram, I am also not enough (besides his girlfriend already). I think he’s looking for something he doesn’t even know for himself? I‘ve told him that he’s texting me for too long now and not changing anything/taking any action and that it therefore seems to lead to nowhere between us and that I don’t date guys who have Instagram (which he has since last year). Now he’s not texting back since 2 weeks. (The thing with being not okay with him having a girlfriend, I’ve told him many times before — and I think that’s HIS responsibility) What does his whole behavior mean?
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He also says things like „That is also going to happen exactly like this“ (sexual stuff)... mentions things that he says will happen between us in the future, but doesn’t seem to want a future with me or doesn’t even show interest in seeing me. He also said: „Sometimes I wish my girlfriend would cheat on me“ and that he wants to break up sometimes, but „he can’t“ (like can’t manage that). What does this talking about “then“... marriage stuff etc mean?
Guy‘s behavior: He‘s not texting back for two weeks?
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