Is this guy inconsiderate of my time or what?

so he's shown a lot of signs of liking me. but i've always been confused if he sees me just as a friend, is using me for an ego boost, is being nice, or genuinely likes me.

basically, I feel like with this other girl, if he wants to make plans he'll ask her if she's busy on the weekend.

With me, he'll phrase it like this "if you're not busy, let's hang out today". or "I'll tell you about xyz this weekend"... like um how does he know i'm free this weekend? does he just assume i'm on standby? bc I never discussed with him being free or making plans this weekend... so it just seems like i'm supposed to just drop everything for him?

I don't know guys, would you be more considerate in asking a girl when she's free if you like her vs if you see her just as a friend?
Is this guy inconsiderate of my time or what?
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