Am I reading too much into things?

A little background information before I begin - I have never had a romantic experience with a guy and I recently got over being too timid to talk to them (now I can have a conversation with them and feel more relaxed). Because of those things, I’m afraid I’ve become oblivious to any advances towards me (as said by my mother and friends).

There’s this guy that works at a place that I frequent, so I see him a couple times a week. He’s kind, motivating, and caring, so I’ve developed a slight crush on him. Sometimes he calls me by a nickname he came up with and sometimes he lingers in the area I’m in until he has to help someone else. There was one day when I was laughing at something and he joined in and we couldn’t stop. Every time I see him, I’m filled with happiness.
Recently, I decided to take a chance and give him my number, so every now and then we will text. Well, it’s been a while since we last talked and I get a text from him inviting me to his family’s party. At first, I thought he texted the wrong number so I asked what that party was. He explained his family is having a party and that I was invited. My mother says I’m going because it would be good for me to get out the house and meet people, but I’m so nervous to go.
So I guess my question is am I thinking too much into things by thinking he may like me somewhat? Or does this sound more like someone wanting to be friends? I think whatever the outcome will be, I’m happy to know someone like him.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!
Am I reading too much into things?
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