Why did he stop talking to me out of the blue after years of pursuing me?

I’ve known him since before we were little kids. We were close friends growing up. By age 13 we went to our eight grade prom together, but we were so young and so when he asked me to be in a relationship I declined. We ran into each other again at 16 years old in which case he asked me out and to keep in contact, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have a phone. We ran into each other once more again at 17 and he expressed interest once again. That was the last time we saw each other. We’re both 21 now and reconnected a month ago on Tinder when he messaged me. He expressed extreme interest in me and likewise. He also told me he had tried to find me over the years, but couldn’t so he just waited. We moved away from the app after a few days and exchanged numbers. Since then we texted for what seemed like all day everyday for 3 weeks. I was beyond happy. He told me he had already lost me twice in life and didn’t want to lose me a third time. And that as long as I kept in touch nothing should drive us apart again. But I was the one who was like taking the initiative in making the plans to hangout face to face and also extend communication past texting all day. Last time we talked on the phone (which we haven’t done a lot because for whatever reason he tries to avoid being on the phone)... anyways I asked him what he wanted to do with me going forward and he said he just wants to see how it goes, but doesn’t want to rush into a relationship because a lot of his relationships don’t last past a few months. I let him know I’m ready to be in a relationship at this stage in my life, but want to move at whatever pace he feels comfortable. After that phone call we continued to text for a couple of days as usual. Nothing seemed off, especially not his behavior or dialogue. Then five days ago I responded to a text he sent asking if he wanted to talk on the phone again that night and he never opened the text or responded. However, he’s clearly been using the Tinder app still.
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I couldn’t fit this all in the description but I just don’t get: 1.) what changed? It’s totally out of the blue. It seemed like until five days ago things were progressing towards a relationship. 2.) Why ghost me instead of communicating however he feels? which we both agreed we’d do, especially in respect of knowing each other so long. 3.) What should I do going forward? This is disappointing and hurt me. I feel emotionally exploited and like it was all for nothing.
Why did he stop talking to me out of the blue after years of pursuing me?
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