He says he smelled me--does he think of me?

I have a crush on the handyman who fixes the apartment I live in.

He's older, in his 40s while I'm in my late twenties. He's kinda balding and has a bit of a dad bod, and even though not the hottest guy, he's attractive to me because he's sweet, can fix things, and is a modest guy.

He first serviced my unit months ago, and ever since, I flirt with him whenever I see him. He flirts back only conservatively, however he's been more brave lately.

Today, he passed by my door to examine repairs in the walkway. My door was open, so he looked and saw that another handyman was fixing my heater. (The other handyman's not hot, so maybe it didn't matter).

He then said something along the lines of: he was taking the elevator up and smelled my scent in the elevator, so he had a feeling I was around. We aren't even that close or even dating/talking so I found it kind of ballsy. I jokingly replied with "A good smell or a bad smell?"

Does this suggest he thinks about me?
He says he smelled me--does he think of me?
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