So background. Me and this guy are 16. Still in high school

Anyway he was giving me some real clear messages like a week ago. ( We are now on break) He said stuff like " your hair is so nice like this" and we even did each others bitmojis on snapchat and when doing mine he did my hair really light and I was like why it's not that light right now and he went "yeah but your hair goes light in the summer" which infers to me he notices my hair like that. Anyway we chatted a lot that day and he was also teasing me in a flirty way.

So I feel like the issue is when he would flirt I wouldn't really give anything back because I was sat with my friend who doesn't really approve of him. So I would of course be friendly but with the stuff that would compliment me I would be like " yeahhhh" in like an awkward way

Anyway that day was a one off day that we spent in our home rooms. Next days he wasn't as chatty with me and to be honest it really confused me. I mean I even saw him sending photos of himself to this other girl on snapchat. I mean he did this before that day but I don't get it.

Is this on me? If I am more clear that I like him back would it send him a clear message, because I am more of a hinter but apparently guys don't get hints? I don't know. Plus he doesn't even message me on snapchat. I mean I don't message him either and I know it takes two but if he likes this other girl (who he has NEVER met) then do back off or do I fight for this guy? I mean I think we are good for each other but I don't know anymore because I have really mixed feelings.
Advice please
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