Guys, is this a normal way to handle stress? How do you handle stress?

This guy I work with is very introverted but would occasionally come to talk to me about non-work stuff/ chit--chat/work stuff he hadn't told others. He was very awkward but I would make an effort of saying hello which I think he appreciated. He has snapped at me a few times over the course that we've worked together.
Then for the last 8 weeks, he became really rude to me. He would blatantly ignore me if I said hello or good morning, (he actually once responded with a "mmm-hmm"). Yesterday I voluntarily attended a meeting he ran via zoom (my camera & mic were off, but my name was visible- 20 other people also attended). It became apparent that some of the people he has been dealing with have been really awful to him for a while & were mean in the meeting.

This morning he unexpectedly came up to me and thanked me for being there (even though I hadn't participated). I told him I thought he handled the meeting well and commented on the tension I noticed between him & a woman there. He told me for the past 10 months he had been pretty much been bullied by her and the last few months had been hell where she had sabotaged his work (he hadn't told many people). Really sad stuff to hear, his role will end in Dec partially because of this woman (who has now left the company). So he's been under a crazy amount of stress.

What I find strange is how rude/cold he was to me... but during that same period he was friendlier to other people. Then the complete 180 today. WTF.
Guys, is this a normal way to handle stress? How do you handle stress?
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