He never loved me? He is mad at me?

We are seeing each other for three years. For the last year, he has been talking about how he wants to be in a serious relationship, but he did not direct asked me. A couple of times he accidentally said he loves me. He kept asking me if I love him, I told him no every time. A month ago he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, I was surprised. Shortly after that I told him I love him, he was surprised. He asked me why, when, how... And he said he loves me. He asked me why I didn’t want to be his girlfriend. He thought I am sleeping with others because I don’t see him that often. One night we drank a little. He said he loves me, he asked if I wanted to be his wife, he asked me a couple of times, I didn’t answer anything. He asked if I wanted him to make me a child, to get pregnant, to be his wife, I didn't answer. After that he was a little cold but he asked me all that next time. He asked if I was ready to have a child, I said no. After that, he was cold to me.
The last time we saw each other a month ago, we had an argument and I told him we wouldn't see each other again. He said he does not care. He was angry.
He started posting some pictures on the social network with some girls. Then he post a song with my name.
I called him after a while. We said we would see each other, but when the day came he said he had a girlfriend and would not cheat on her. I asked him for how long he said "Why do you care" He said they are 10 days in a relationship. I asked him if he loves her and he said yes. Then he blocked me. He said he has a girlfriend he loves and can’t be with anyone else. And we won't see each other while he has a girlfriend. I told him that I wanted to see him, that I love him, but he didn't answer. I told him that I wanted to see him because I was a month late and that I thought I was pregnant, if I was, that he would pay for my abortion.
1 y
He was annoyed, he asked why I was doing this, to know that we can’t have a child, that he has a girlfriend he loves, that he has his life and that he wants to continue it. I told him if I am he would pay for my abortion. He said it wasn’t possible, he didn’t cum inside me, he never even thought about it. That he sleeps with 10 girls and that they are not pregnant.
1 y
And he heard that I slept with others. To call that man who is the father. He said I was a whore. Afterwards, I told him that I would not call him again. He said that he was not interested in that, that he is not interested in me anymore, that I should not address him and that I should contact the person I was with. To not call him anymore. Before when he is mad at me, he would talk about other girlfriends but in the end we would be together.
He never loved me? He is mad at me?
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