We text, talk on the phone, but have never met?

So there is a guy on a dating website that I am talking to. We started talking on Oct 7 or 8. He seems really nice. We text all the time and talk on the phone for 2 hours. IMHO it seems like we should have met by now, lol. He seems like he is socially awkard from what I can tell over the phone, but nice nonetheless. Today we were supposed to be meeting for coffee. We did not make concrete plans (as in time and place) but he knows I am free this weekend. He even asked me to do something else originally and I suggested coffee because I never met him. I like to meet a person in a casual environment to see if there is a spark before a real date. It is now 6:00pm ad crickets, lol. I would like to meet him in person, but at this point it seems like this is not going to happen. He seems happy just laying on his couch watching Star Trek, lmao. (Every time I call, this is what he says he is doing). Should I just cut him off at this point? I mean even if we never date and just remain friends, this is a shitty way to treat people.
We text, talk on the phone, but have never met?
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