What's your opinion on toxic masculinity?

I kinda wanna talk about this issue because how men react to emotion is alarming. Put aside what your dads and your moms told you, men, "men don't cry", "act like a man", "you're being a ____"--

I want to know do all men actually feel like you can't express yourself to anyone? Leave the 'no homo' thing behind, leave the pride behind and actually say this. I've allowed the anon button for you who want to express yourself on this situation.

If you don't know what toxic masculinity is, it's you telling a man/boy/kid to not cry bc men "don't cry", they "don't share" or "show emotion" or they're "weak". I'm gonna be honest but that really bothers us women (leaving the closure and the relationships to the side) because we want to know, if you're a friend or a stranger that you're ok. The rates for suicide for men are so high and it's because they're taught to suppress their feelings and usually that creates a problem in a relationship for someone whether they're from the lgbtq community or in a straight relationship. Abuse sometimes happens because they're taught to suppress feelings. So I want to know. What do YOU think about toxic masculinity? Remember this is anon so technically (hopefully) you feel you're safe here (:
guys need to stop getting sensitive
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they're not a man
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What's your opinion on toxic masculinity?
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