Is he flirting or just being friendly?

So I am I 19-year-old girl, who has sadly never been in a relationship and last week I moved to Germany for University. So I chattet a little with an older guy from my speciality (medicine), because he was supposed to give my some books and tips. Yesterday we met and when he was coming from the other end of the street he raised his eyebrows really high and kept them that wa for a while. When he came to me he took off his mask and smiled with upper teeth and was standing a little close even though this is currently not realy allowed in Germany because of Covid-19. Also said to me rather kind and friendly not to worry, because I was obviously really stressed. He was looking me in the eyes for most of the time and we kind of stood there staring at each others eyes without saying anything for maybe a few minutes. But then we parted rather quickly after I got my books and sadly I was too stressed and overwhelmed to even remember if we told each other "Goodbye".
What can this mean? I really don't want to have vain hopes.
Is he flirting or just being friendly?
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