What does it mean if a guy calls you “cool”?

So I’ve been getting really close with this guy. We have slept together now about a dozen times, we always stay over at each other’s places and spend hours and hours just chatting. Obviously because we’ve had sex he’s said all the usual stuff like I’m hot and have a great body and that I’m beautiful but yesterday the word cool came in. Now I know cool sounds like a downgrade from hot but it sounded like there was a deeper sincerity to it. We were just lay on my bed facing each other and we’d been chatting for about 3 hours, the only mildly sexual thing being a couple of kisses and he just smiled at me and said “you are really cool you know that?” As a female over thinker I can’t start thinking if this is a compliment or not?
What does it mean if a guy calls you “cool”?
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