Is he trying to ignore his feelings or did he move on?

I am best friends with this guy. We met through our passion for singing. I am 16 and he’s 18. I honestly love hanging out with him. I feel like we both can be ourselves around each other. Anyways last year, whenever we are in the moments we always had so much fun. I heard people always telling me about how he looks at me like he is in love with me? He said I am a princess and he would always say I am the best singer he knows. Which I thought was so cute. But at that time, I literally was too blind to see it or maybe I did knew but was trying not to notice. I don't know. But I realized my feelings for him in March and I been trying to drop hints through my songs. Idek if he noticed that it was for him. But people told me it was pretty obvious since I described him perfectly. But ever since quarantine started, we only did weekly FaceTime with the rest of my friends but I haven’t seen him in person since then. He posted his own song in June which he said he wrote it back in March of last year which was the time I was dating my ex boyfriend. He said he wrote it when he couldn’t be with the one he wanted to be with. Like maybe I am overthinking but I thought it was for me? I feel like he gotten awkward around me because I was telling him about how much I appreciate him and love him and he responded back so awkwardly saying “the feeling is mutual, Courtney”. I thought maybe I am just overthinking it but I have been hearing rumors that he’s dating this brunette girl since they been hanging out a lot unlike us. But he never told me anything or made it official. I found out today that he dressed together with this same brunette girl for Halloween and it honestly shattered my heart because we dressed up for Halloween together last year. Like what happened? Did he move on? Is he trying to ignore his feelings for me? Like? I love him... but I feel like if he dating someone now then I am scared I am too late😔
Is he trying to ignore his feelings or did he move on?
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