Guys, My married male coworker confuses me?

Alright male GaGers help me out.
About ten years ago I worked at one location with a guy who we both had a great work rapport and conversations. He would look out for me when creepy guys would hit on me, we would share jokes and so forth. I actually developed a crush on him at a point and then that faded when I worked at another location with a woman who told me that I must me working with her husband if I work at such and such location. Either who he and I enjoyed working together over the years, we ended up having children around the same time and would talk about our families. My relationship took a bad turn and I shared it with him. He told me about the company’s therapy program and confided in me that he used that when dealing with his wife. He went to a different location and I did as well but we kept in touch over the years in email and then text on occasion. I noticed after a while in the email he made a nickname out of my name and started to cal me the shorter version of my name.

Fast forward and we communicate still... though I really try not to message him too much even if we are just talking about work, or our kids or sharing memes. But I find he goes out of his way to communicate with me. He would message me to talk about the latest video game (im a gamer) he would message to check in if he doesn’t hear from me, he would comment on my whatsapp profile picture, he would ask about my daughter.. he shared with me his sisters illness.. or talk about his struggles... I did notice more connection happened when he learned I ended my relationship.
Before the pandemic I was in a meeting with his wife and when talked she was talking about her husband like she was annoyed with him.

I have no idea what to make of everything. But from a mans perspective what is his angle or he is just enjoying some extra conversation?
Guys, My married male coworker confuses me?
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