If a guy isn't thinking about a relationship, would he do these things?

I asked his friends if he is interested in anyone. and they said as far as they know, he's not really looking to date since he's sort of young, but that if a girl approached him maybe he'd consider it?

me and him became friends in school 6 months ago, this is how our relationship is:
- he used to smile when he would first see me in the room. sometimes he would even get shy (look down, look away while talking to him)
-then we started hanging out alone 4 months ago. he would pick me up, we go to the park, then either of our place, dinner/lunch, then a movie, then back to our homes. no sex or anything!
-once he put his arm around me during a movie for 5 min then moved it back
-used to initiate touching during our walks. but then we had a falling out for a few weeks recently bc of something he did. and since then he hasn't been initiating them. but if I do, he doesn't back away.
-if we make future plans for the week, and something comes up for him, he doesn't text me to tell me that he can't make it and to reschedule the date. but if I text him about what happened to meeting, he'll sincerely apologize and then offer to walk or do something the day of... like what's up with that?
-he never makes advanced plans. they're the day of usually (as noted above.. if u do advanced stuff they fall through many times smh)

ANYWAYS. there's more but based on what i've shared is he just being friendly or he's looking for something? by the way when we hang it's for 6-7 hours each time
If a guy isn't thinking about a relationship, would he do these things?
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