Do guys not get excited if a girl texts her about plans?

or does it mean he doesn't like me like that and i'm just another friend?

because maybe only once or twice did he show enthusiasm when I texted him to hang out. but usually when I text him, i'll be like "hey let's hang later this week" and he'll say something like "yes, I can't on weekend, but weekday yes"... like bruh what

firstly, I would think if a guy likes me, he'd try to make a Sunday or something available for me. because on the weekday we're working with only a few hours, vs way more time on the weekend. I know he frequently visits family on weekends... but if a guy genuinely liked a girl, wouldn't he try to offer a weekend day? we have hung out on weekends by the way, but i'm just trying to understand if he likes me from his behavior lol

and if plans are in stone, there's no reply like "okay, great!" half the time he doesn't even reply, or he replies "ok". I mean he is a dry texter. but still... i'm confused. and yes we do hang out for MANY hours together. I'll even tell him he can go home if he's tired and he'll say he's alright. and we just watch tv and talk or walk and talk when we hang.
Do guys not get excited if a girl texts her about plans?
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