How do I know if my co-worker is attracted to me?

recently he's been starring at me a lot from across the room and not breaking eye contact.
this one time i was eating with my guy friend in the lunch room and there was an empty chair next to me (but there were empty chairs on other tables) and he looked at me the whole time as he came to take the chairs next to mine. but the thing is that he was slowly picking up the chair and then when on his phone behind my friend and i and stayed there for a good 2 minutes before finally leaving to join his friends. also his back was turned to me but i felt his eyes on me while i was talking to my guy friend and we made eye contact before he turned around again and kept talking to his friends.

Another instance is we have to fill out a form at the beggining of every shift bc of covid (each employee has one and it's separated by departments). and i walked in the back and to fill it up but i didn't go in the room because i saw him there alone and got nervous lol. But i saw him looking through papers then went to punch in I talked to my friend in the mean time of him leaving but he still stayed in that room looking at the papers. finally he left the room but stayed in the hallway were u can see the room and i went in to fill it up and two seconds later a maneger came in the room ( they have to sign your covid free papers before u do the shift). so i asked her to sign my paper but then my crush enters the room again and stands behind me and then the maneger told my crush he'd sign his paper but he said he already got it signed so the maneger was like so what are u doing here.

But we only talked once before because my maneger made me give him a paper when I first got hired. Then he found out I'm my brother's little sister and even tho my brother is 10 years older than us and we just haven't spoken since.

Do you think my co-worker find me attractive? since he seems to be paying more attention to me?
How do I know if my co-worker is attracted to me?
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