Am I good girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years now, and its definitely been a roller coaster. However, we had met in college and I just recently graduated so he's basically there by himself most of the time because his other close friends have graduated as well. Anyway though, he has been having a tough time with school and the friends I have (only male ones). I have discussed his issue about my male friends with him and he keeps making excuses on why I should not hang out with them or even see them in general. I was going to meet up with a good guy friend from grade school and he even told his mom about it, and both messaged me saying it was "not a good idea, it's not safe." He a very dramatic person in general.

Anyway though, he has been having issues with namely one male friend which we will call Bill. They both haven't met each other yet and Bill does talk negatively about my boyfriend sometimes out of either jealously/spite, or in a joking way. My boyfriend gets upset when I don't stand up for him during those situations but Bill is known to be a jokester, and I don't even realize what was said until afterwards most of the time. Today, Bill had to help me move things out of my mom's house and my boyfriend got upset that he was there even though he was not available to help me to begin with since he is in school. I have told my boyfriend to come on and help, but he never gave me a definite date. He has been upset the whole day after Bill came. He also said that he was stressing out over school which is going to be over in less than a month, and I tried to reassure him that it'll be alright but he still was sad claiming he was tired. I am honestly not sure on what to do or if I'm being a good girlfriend because I have tried to help him in situations like these in the past including that whole male friend thing as well with Bill coming. What do you think i should do?
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Am I a good girlfriend?******** SORRY
Am I good girlfriend?
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