Why do I do about this?

I am embarrassed to show my face at home. I have a crush on this guy and I tried to act on it. I was too nervous and shaky to text him myself so I got a friend to text him off of my phone. It went well at first but I think he stared to suspect hat it wasn’t me or something. I decided not to reply until the next morning and then when I went to see what he said he asked what I meant when I said fwm cause there were different kinds. I asked my friend what to say and she said to say let’s just vibe. I did and didn’t get a response. After that he shared a post that said me tryna figure out if she like me or just bored. I don’t know if he was talking about me or not but anyway I am in college and I know that when I go back home I may run into him and I go back home today. What do I do?
Why do I do about this?
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