Why did he cheat on me twice with same girl?

My boyfriend cheated on me twice with the same girl lying to her that he is single!! She obviously believed it and agreed to meet him. He took her out on a romantic date and he was all over her couldn’t stop staring at her and calling her pretty (I know all this as I read the whole chat on his phone of them too) he also admitted he likes it a lot when she touches him and telling to hurry to and come and see him for their second meeting! She doesn’t live hear us 3-4 hours away! But they sext a lot and he was saying things like how he craves her and how ldr would be hard with her cause he’ll want her all the time. He even said he can stay with this time blah blah!!! I don’t understand why he is doing this when he is with me! Does he even love/like me? He’s been talking to her for a year all this time he was with me and he always said he is single to her and never posts me on his social media or about me. He also kept on telling her to come see him back in Oct and how them two can stay at one if his friends house as they’ll get the house to themselves where they can fuck!!! I’m so disgusted by some of the things that was said on the chat!!! Why would he do this to me and why is he even talking to her when he has me?
1 y
I’m asking why he’d do this to me? Is there something special about her or what
Why did he cheat on me twice with same girl?
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