Boyfriend is being CHEAP?

I received perfume. The few weeks before it he had me excited that it was something really nice etc. Then I saw that it was Chanel perfume. My SISTER (whom I’m not the closest to) really bought me a $2000 GUCCI bag AND iPad mini 🤭

Boyfriend claims that he has enough money that he can retire, yet he buys me a perfume and hypes it up weeks prior? It’s NOT about the money or receiving an expensive gift, but for someone that claims he will “really take me to the moon and back” and who has more than enough income, he chose such a basic gift. And he does not buy me anything usually, so I thought he would get me something nice (or even DINNER) for my birthday at least. I know that guys spend money on women they love. Women are the motivation for you to want to MAKE money in the first place. So why did he do that? Is he trying to tell me that he doesn’t love me then?
1 y
For my recent birthday*
Boyfriend is being CHEAP?
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