What's going on? Hm?

this guy and I matched on bumble.

but he only talks to me for a few hours then he's gone off to bed. he works 6 am to 2 then comes home and doesn't respond till like 630 7 at night.

it's kinda tough, I just am interested in him. but if we aren't gonna talk often then it's not worth it. it's been 2 days. but I don't know.

of course its the guy I'm interested in. he's legit the only one whose been asking me questions about myself and not being sexual about it. but maybe he's interested in someone else. which is fine.

he lives far away like 14 hours from his family, he's got a stable job as an IT man. He knows I work night shift and he works 1st so maybe he waits till later to talk to me? I have no idea.
What's going on? Hm?
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