Is my ex & I over?

We were living together, my daughter would call him by his first name & added daddy at the end. Before we moved in together he told me who his sisters baby’s father was. I slept with him in high school but he did a “hit & quit” thing on me. I never spoke of him since. The guy ended up my boyfriend’s sister (his girlfriend) & his sister told my boyfriend. He was upset I didn’t tell him I apologized I’ve always been a closed off person about my past when someone has hurt me. I’ve never cheated or lied to him. He kinda treats me as if I did. I’m 28 now & been so nonchalant about certain things. But never about my relationship with him we were having a baby & he ended up leaving & I lost the baby a little while after. I miss our little family, I’ve tried a few times to have a conversation to rekindle things. I get up for work at 5am he called late at night but my phone was on do not disturb. He said he wanted to see me & my daughter we tried to reschedule but it’s like he changed his mind. Now he’s like me closed off but he said we should give it time. I suggested to him maybe I should let go he got upset. I expressed my feelings a little more but he started saying mean things. It’s confusing, when he calls I don’t let my daughter talk to him because I don’t know if it’s all temporary or he’ll be around. Should I let go & move on? His insecurities were an issue before did I make it worse? Is it best for him for me to let go?
Is my ex & I over?
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