Why is my ex doing all of this?

So I blocked my ex back in August because I was mad at him. So a few weeks ago I saw him at the fair with his friends and I was with my girls but we had a couple of mutual friends so it wasn’t that awkward, but I noticed he was acting weird (we didn’t talk to each other but he was staring a few times). We have a chemistry class together, so last week he was starting stuff with me because he texted me back in August and he still didn’t get a text back til this day and I told him that I blocked him... obviously and he wanted I know y I blocked him and he tried so bad to explain to me that it was a misunderstanding for the reason I had blocked him, but I didn’t care because he wanted to do all this 2 months later when he could’ve just left it alone. It lasted up to Wednesday and he was telling the whole class how he is talking to a girl and he was stating they were basically friends with benefits because he’s not ready for a new relationship right now. He was also taking about how much she wants him and he doesn’t know if he really wants her and I know he doesn’t because he still talking to a lot girls, my friend told me (we are still in class and the teacher is looking at him like he’s crazy because he’s the only one in the class that does this), then he started talking about how I was his last committed relationship and he hasn’t been in one since me and him... like he really just let the whole class know me and him used to date because I never spoke to him in class b4(We broke up back in March or April, but we stopped messing with each other in July). Now the teacher messes with the both of us saying we should date again and it was funny at first now it’s annoying because my ex is doing to much. Now the whole class calls him a simp and they pick on him because he brung his relationship issues to the class. It’s honestly bothering me because I feel like he’s trying to get my attention with all of this. I think he’s still in love with me (I’m his first love).
Why is my ex doing all of this?
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