Why was everything good but then got ghosted?

So I went on this date with this guy 2 months ago. Was great, he drove me home like a gentlemen. Then the second date happened and we had a pretty good time. Third date I went to his house. Nothing happened just talked and had dinner. After about a month I stayed over for the first time. We tried to have sex and he said he was to drunk and couldn't do it. The weekend passed and then Monday he messaged me saying he doesn't think we should see each other anymore. I was hurt. I questioned him. He admitted he has anxiety and ocd and thats why he can't have sex. We talked in person the next day and he was upset. I said it was fine and was pretty understanding. We kept seeing each other. He always said he enjoyed his time with me every time. He would even text me and say he can't stop thinking about me and he has never felt this way about anyone before. After that I had a really busy couple of months. His communication got less and less and I stopped seeing him as much. Last time was two weeks ago. He said he missed me and didn't want to leave. A wee ago I asked him why he was so distant and if he needed space. He said no and was just busy with work. Then this weekend came and he kept texting me but no hanging out. I ended up not replying to one of his texts cause I was frustrated. The next day I messaged him and said sorry I haven't replied. Something has been annoying me and I don't really know how to explain it. I feel like you've been distant lately. I just want to know where I sand and how you feel. Six hours went by and no reply. I ended up blocking him cause I can't deal with it anymore. What did I do wrong?
Why was everything good but then got ghosted?
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