Should I be mad or not?

I've been spending time with this guy and yesterday he left to go see his family and I was still at the hotel, he told me he was on the way and I started getting dressed because I had made plans for us two hours went by then he calls and say he was on the way but said that a couple of hours ago and I haven't ate all day and he has but didn't bother to ask if I wanted anything so we kind of argued and his brother jumped in and I thought it wasn't okay so I was like I'm not talking to you blah blah so my guy pulls up and his brother is driving my car and my guy is in the passenger seat and it irritated me because I thought we were going to go do what I had planned so I get in the car set I'm the back seat and didn't say anything then his brother said something smart to me then I said something and his brother called me a thousand b words and a hood rat and my guy didn't say anything nor did he stand up for me so his brother gets dropped off and I'm still upset so now we are arguing and this guy pulls my hair I started crying and he really expected for me to be in a good mood and forget what happened.
Should I be mad or not?
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