Is what my teacher did wrong or am I just in my head?

Back story
Hi I’m a 16 year old girl in school in Ireland, one thing you should know about me is I get really awkward and uncomfortable real easily and an over thinker that’s why I wanted you guys opinion.

I realised for some I couldn’t make proper teacher eye-contact which I know that sounds weird that’s how awkward I can be it would happen he’d explain something to the class and make eye contact with me I’d kind of turn away or look very uncomfortable when he’d make eye contact, and I can tell he noticed and was probably weirded out or confused, my friends just think he thinks I have a crush on the him,

What you need to know about the teacher, He’s quiet young the girls in our school think he is goodlooking. He is a great teacher and very kind which is the only reason I think I may be overthinking the situation because he doesn’t seem like the type.

But I’ll get to the point
Today I was in his class, i wasn’t in school the previous day so He sat down next to me , and caught me up
he didn’t have a table so he has his copy lay on his lap. At some point I turned around for a second and I caught him looking at my lips then he turned away quickly But the only confusing part is I had a mask on at first I assumed they’re was something on my mask but when I took it off there was nothing on it. I’m so confused on why?

I remember at some point he looked either at his leg or private part and Then looked back up , I caught this and thought this was very weird... because he had the copy on his lap and he was not looking below that the only thing I don’t understand is Why? I don’t understand what does that mean , why did he do that?
Doesn’t make sense to me. after that , he got a little closer pushing his chair in , and I just got very uncomfortable and kind of turned away and I think he realised but I don't know And second of all my class mates were way further from me then he was
I’ve tried to make sense of this but don’t understand am I making something out of nothing or?
Is what my teacher did wrong or am I just in my head?
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