I'm interested in my ex's friend, is he too?

So I've been casually texting my long distance ex's friend who also lives abroad, and I've always had a little crush on him. In the past he gave me some signals that I can't interpret if they were of attraction:
- he always volunteered to be alone with me when I needed
- he was gazing at me very often
-when we were with other friends to an hostel, I was alone with him at one time and he asked me if we should take a shower, and after some seconds he added: "separated of course ahah" after that while my boyfriend was sleeping he asked me to go see the stars at night,
- he payed me a dinner in a group party to be a surprise
- i once said i was going to rape him (inside joke) and he said: please do so!. And i blushed
-he was always asking worried about my future with my now ex

So now that i don't my ex anymore, and we still keep in touch. So I asked him to come visit me, you think he is genuinely interested or just being polite?
I'm interested in my ex's friend, is he too?
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