Why did he stop?

So... guy and I have been texting for a few weeks. We have finally met in person today. He noticed that I was shy. He kissed me and grabbed my bra... it was invited. But I was so shy and blushy. He dropped me off at my house after and the next thing I know, he is walking me to my door. I didn't realize that I just walked in and didn't say goodbye. Next thing I know we were kissing again and he took my top off and then came my bra. He said that he thought he better go because he didn't like how uncomfortable I seemed. I'm so confused because... I did want him.

I know that we keep saying we are friends. He wants to go slow so my feelings don't get hurt... but I didn't think he'd want a longterm relationship with me... why would he even care? I know that he said it would be weird at work but... I'm just confused. Was it because I was shy? Why did he stop? Was it me? Why does he care about my feelings if we are just... sexual friends.
Why did he stop?
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