Will he ever come back around?

I have been talking to this guy for a while. We became more passionate and sexual after a month of talking and finally met in person. The next thing I know... he's saying he wants to take it slow. Regardless things still get heated. We get to the point where we should have sex. He gets up and tells me he's assuming that I want more and that he wanted less. I'm baffled as he was the one to follow me into my house... despite him saying that he wasn't going in my house and put me in the sexual mood by his actions. Today he seems not 100% of himself through texts. When I say I'm better now that he's here... he usually likes it and doesn't correct his meaning. He also usually says good morning and good night. I don't understand the shift. We are obviously sexually attracted to each other. His reason he said for leaving is that he felt uncomfortable... I'm not sure what I did. He's the one who took my top off.

What happened? Why is he so distant? Its not like we actually had sex. If we did... I can see him being done with me. But we didn't. Why did he want to go slow? I miss him so much. I miss our passion. Will he ever be back to his old self with time?
Will he ever come back around?
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